Macadamia Nuts

Experience truly fresh and flavorful Macadamia Nuts—decadence in a small package. From our location in California, Napa Nuts is a key importer and wholesaler of the best Macadamia Nuts grown throughout the world. As with all our products, we stock premium grade nuts and ingredients used by professional chefs, bakers, food service institutions, hotels and more. Freshness guaranteed—wholesale orders shipped to your business within days.

Macadamia Nuts have a rich and buttery flavor like no other nut. Mix Macadamia Nuts into white chocolate chip cookies to impress your family and friends. Dice and sprinkle Macadamia Nut pieces atop baked fish, place onto a cheese platter or enjoy as a snack.

This page shows all Macadamia Nuts sold by Napa Nuts plus other mix products that contain Macadamia Nuts.