Napa Nuts Core Values

Customers Come First

We are here to provide high quality, safe products to our customers and to do so in a reliably fast and friendly way.

Business Ethics are Critical

We are dedicated to effecting business in an ethical manner. To further that aim, we expect and insist that our employees adhere to a strict ethical model in performing their responsibilities on behalf of Napa Nuts.

Protect the Environment

Environmentally, Napa Nuts is resolving to do whatever it can to recycle and utilize responsible sourcing whenever possible. To that aim, we recycle cardboard, paper, and plastics whenever possible.

Employees are Family

We treat our employees as we would treat members of our family—with trust, compassion, flexibility, and support. We value our employees’ differences in gender, nationality, culture, and lifestyles and attempt to create and promote a workplace where everyone is valued and respected. We provide full health care at no cost for our full time employees and their families.

Stay Local

Whenever possible, we aim to buy products from local companies, preferably small, family-run businesses like ourselves.

Help the Community

We are generous with donations. We are supportive of our community. We make it a priority to hire those in our community who are generally overlooked, disadvantaged or discriminated against in employment, including minorities, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQI population, specifically transgender individuals.