Do you know what to do with hazelnuts?

I bought some Hazelnuts at wholesale,  what do I do with them?

Well, the obvious answer is to make something delicious. But how?

Some suggestions from the experts here at Napa Nuts:

Buy hazelnuts that already have already been shelled and blanched

Shelled hazelnuts make it is easier to see the quality of each individual nut. While most stores and bulk packages already have their quality control in place and you are most likely going to get something that tastes like a hazelnut, why waste the time processing your own food?

In addition, Shelling hazelnuts can be a pain. As you shell them, there is the possibility of getting hurt, breaking the nuts, and your arms getting tired.

It is going to take a long time and then you still have to blanch them to remove the hazelnut skin; another whole process. We suggest that you just get blanched hazelnuts, and then you can get right into cooking. Napa Nuts is, of course, our favorite place to get wholesale blanched hazelnuts.

Hazelnut Lacies

These delicious and delicate cookies often have just a drizzle of chocolate on them. Hazelnuts compliment the flavor of chocolate really well and are one of the ingredients that makes Nutella so popular.

Use your favorite recipe for lacies, then chop and add some of our wholesale, bulk  blanched hazelnuts for a rich flavor that is sure to please your taste buds.  You can also try to toast them a bit first to release more of the hazelnut's natural flavors.

Try hazelnuts on a salad

With just a light toasting to release some of the natural flavors and add just a bit of crunch, hazelnuts can be a wonderful salad addition.  We wouldn’t be bold enough to endorse any specific hazelnut salad recipe, but you will thank yourself if you try a few of them.

Hazelnuts are going to add some of those healthy nut fats that your body craves.  Any nut is going to make your healthy salad feel more filling while adding healthy proteins, vitamins, and minerals.  

Many scientific research studies are now proving that there are many health benefits of eating nuts. Harvard Medical says “nuts—are healthier than red meats “ (“Harvard researchers continue to support their healthy eating plate”).

Put hazelnuts in a trail mix

Everyone has peanuts and almonds in their trail mixes, but why not make yours a bit more special?


We know people are creative and would love to hear some of your trials.  It’s hard to go wrong with something delicious like a hazelnut. Leave us some of your comments with what you did and how it went.


Recent Coconut Recall

Hi Happy customers.  

We have just received notice from the FDA that there is a recall on some coconut products.

We just want to assure everyone that we have gone through all of our safety procedures and determined that none of the affected coconut has ever entered our possession. 

Please continue to enjoy all of our products knowing you are safe from everything except the calories.

Food Safety - Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario

Here at Napa Nuts, food safety is serious business.  There is literally a binder full of all of our procedures.  We will not be posting the whole binder (who wants to read it?), but do require all new employees read it cover to cover.

Today's safety highlight will be about one of our safety drills; the mock-recall.  Product recalls here are incredibly rare as we take many steps to make sure everything is bought from trusted sources, stored properly, and handled in a food-service-clean environment.  But once in a blue moon, things may happen that are out of our control and we have to recall a product from our customers.  A recall is basically our worst nightmare. 

Today was only a drill, but we got the whole team together to practice a recall just in case the real thing were to happen.  Every team member has responsibilities, from informing the FDA, to pulling product out of inventory, making sure that there are no pending deliveries, contacting our affected customers, and then disposal.

Today was my first time doing the drill.  I was impressed at how quickly everyone knew their parts already and how efficiently we were able to complete the drill.  Napa Nuts is committed to the quality of our products and the safety of our customers (even if my sister decided to do a mock recall on a busy Thursday morning). 

-Schecky Miluso, Client Relations Manager