6 Reasons Why Dried Fruit is the Perfect Snack

Dried Fruit is what we here at the shop take with us when we are on the go. Especially when we are out with the whole family, dried fruit is a snack that pleases everyone.  It has also been known, when properly shared, to make friends with complete strangers. Napa Nuts will make no guarantees on this last claim, but here are 6 things that we can be sure about why dried fruit is the perfect snack.


1. It's just fruit

Dried fruit, like the name implies is just fruit.  Eating a serving of dried fruit also counts as eating a serving of fruit.  Eating more fruit and vegetables is what most doctors recommend to be healthy.

Real Simple also notes that because the fruit is shrunk in the drying process, it also concentrates the nutrients within.  You can then consume all of the healthy benefits of fruit faster.

2. Dried Fruit saves space

Dried fruit is about 75% of the volume of the regular fruit. Our Snapware jugs hold over 5 pounds of dried fruit.  Think about how much counter space 5 pounds of apricots would occupy.  And then when you try to stack the fresh fruit, the ones on the bottom tend to bruise.  

Many of us use the jugs at home for their convenience.  We also love having dried fruit ready to go, and at a place we can grab it easily.

3. Dried Fruit has a longer shelf life

Dried fruit is best consumed as soon as you get it home.  But it lasts for weeks to months at room temperature if stored correctly.  We always recommend an airtight container to avoid oxidation and to keep the remaining moisture in the fruit. Storing fruit in a cool dry place out of sunlight will keep your items soft and chewy instead of a bit leathery. Dried fruit can certainly be used to make homemade fruit leather, but we prefer that be your option, not the only choice.

4. Dried fruit is high in fiber

Because dried fruit maintains everything that was in the fruit to begin with (except the water of course) dried fruit contains all the fiber of a regular piece of fruit.  In fact prunes, which are dried plums, are well known for being high in fiber and the effects from eating higher amounts of fiber. It is interesting to note, however, that for fiber content, dried dates and dried apricots are actually higher in fiber.  So people actually have a few great tasting options for packing more fiber into their diets.

5. Baking with dried fruit is easy

The traditional oatmeal raisin cookie is a good example.  Both oatmeal and raisins are things that many people have on their shelves, so this one has long been a staple in many kitchens.   

This is also an easy recipe to change by swapping out the raisins for dried cranberries or dried cherries.

There are a staggering number of other recipes that also use dried fruit.  The dried fruit can be a great topping for some savory dishes to add a bit of sweetness. Diced fruits are also great in breads and cakes. Any search for [your favorite fruit]+”bread recipe” will turn up many choices.

6. Tastes good

To end on a simple note, dried fruit is just full of flavor.  All of the sweetness of regular fruit is there, but just a bit more concentrated.  Experts do warn not to eat too much, as it is easy to get carried away.  It does taste like candy, but candy doesn’t grow on trees.

8 Cool Uses for Craisins (Dried Cranberries)

1. Ice Cream with Craisins

If you want to try something different, put Craisins on your Ice Cream Sundae.

The sweetness with a touch of tart is an awesome compliment to vanilla ice cream.  Cranberries also have more health benefits than most of the regular ice cream toppings. You won’t find this many anti-oxidants in chocolate sauce.  There is also fiber and some healthy vitamins--almost enough to convince you that an ice cream sundae is going to be healthy this time.

2. School Lunch Snack

Raisins are a staple for school lunches.  Sometimes your kids need a variety. Cranberries can be a real treat for your kids; they are sweet, tasty, and have that tart flavor kids crave in some of those popular sour candies.

3. Oatmeal with Dried Cranberries

Instead of brown sugar, try adding some Craisins this time.  Oatmeal doesn’t have much flavor on its own.  Craisins will add lots of flavor to your boring oatmeal.

4. Cereal with Craisins

People like cereals with raisins, but Craisins are just as good.  It may turn your milk a happy shade of pink, but that could be fun too.

5. Salad Topping

The typical salad has dressing that adds bit of salty flavor . Vinegar is one of the primary ingredients to a lot of dressings and often chefs will add some sweetness to cut that sour vinegar flavor.  The chewiness of dried cranberries will also add a nice contrast to the crunchy vegetables. It’s a win-win.  Try dried cranberries with a bit of goat cheese in your next dinner party salad so your friends think you are super fancy.

6. Cookies

Who wants a boring oatmeal raisin cookie when you can have an oatmeal CRAISIN cookie.  Dried cranberries work really well in a cookie.

7. Nut Breads

A walnut banana bread would be awesome with dried cranberries.  The bright red would also be a wonderful color contrast for those that like food to be visually appealing.

8. Fruit Spreads

Putting dried cranberries in hot water for a few minutes and then in a food processor will make a lovely cranberry spread.  We like it on top of brie cheese and then spread on crackers. Yummy!


What are some of your favorites? Share in the comments section.

100% Committed to Quality

Here at Napa Nuts, we strive to deliver the best tasting nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and confections.   If you haven't tried our products yet, we see no reason for you to wait.  What many of you can't taste or see is all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure you are getting consistently excellent products.

Taste testing

Every time we start working with a supplier we have our entire team meet to do a side-by-side comparison.  We decide as a team which products look the best, taste the best, and have the best "mouth-feel."  We sort though anything that is less than the highest quality so that our customers are only getting our favorites.  Honestly I have never had a better cashew, almond, dried apricot, dried pear, etc. I could go on, but I don't know how much time you have.

Our trail mixes are made by our in house chef

In addition to being our manager here at the shop, Geoff is also a trained chef.  He personally uses his expertise to blend the right products at precise proportions to ensure that our customers get a unique flavor profile with each one. Here at the shop, we get to taste each iteration; to be honest, we all enjoy watching (and tasting) the products go from good to great.  You only get the best of the best.  Try some of our mixes!

In compliance with new laws

A few years ago, the federal government came out with new food safety laws that hold everyone to a higher standard.  We are proud to be in compliance with these laws ahead of schedule.  This means that we have a third party certify our food safety standards, regularly check our warehouse for cleanliness, have food-grade cleanliness standards for anyone touching a food product, and rapid recall protocols if we get word of a recall from one of our suppliers.

Napa Nuts is committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers. For more information about our food safety program, please email bonnie@napanuts.com.