Wine RayZyns®: Our New Superfood Partner


Napa Nuts is pleased to announce that we are offering a new product line that screams "Wine Country."  Wine RayZyns® are a superfood snack that is great on its own or as an ingredient in something delicious.  RayZyns® require a special drying process; they naturally sweat out the water of the fruit and use the residual natural sugars to caramelize and toast the wine grape’s seed inside the fruit, thus creating a new CRUNCHY superfood fruit. By leaving the seeds inside the fruit, RayZyns® provide 20% of your daily fiber in a single serving, more antioxidants than a glass of red wine, and a delicious nutty crunch that will help fight hunger while delivering unprecedented nutrition.  Each natural RayZyn® product has only 1 ingredient--the grape itself…no added sugar, sulfur or preserves…its just nature in a bag. 

Here at the shop we have enjoyed them in our new custom-made Valley RayZyn Blend Trail Mix, on salads and in cookies, but the possibilities are endless. 

Wine RayZyns® comes in 4 varieties: CabernayZyns®, made from dark purple Cabernet grapes, the ChardonayZyns® from the lighter Chardonnay grapes, MerlayZyns®, made from the smooth-tasting Merlot grapes, and, as if it couldn't get any better, there is also a Dark Chocolate Covered CabernayZyns®. 


Napa Nuts is offering all of Wine RayZyns® products in bulk and each of the packaging options as well. Check out all of the options on our Wine RayZyns® page.

It has been a lot of fun to part of the start of such a fun, and versatile new opportunity.  We are sure that everyone will enjoy the sweetness, crunch, and flavor complexity.

Read more about the Wine RayZyn® Company here.

Recovering After the Fires

This has been a trying time for our community. Napa Nuts' warehouse was unscathed by the fires, but so many of our friends, neighbors, and customers were devastated with loss. Our hearts go out to those who are mourning and those who need to rebuild. Although the news has stopped covering the fires, the process of rebuilding has only just begun.

Napa and all of Wine Country survives off tourism. We encourage those who have trips planned to come. We encourage those who did not have trips planned to come. Our community needs your support.

We want to do our part as well. For our individual customers who come to us for their dried fruit and nuts, we are offering 10% off your entire order through November 15, 2017 with proof of a local ID.  Napa Nuts is proud to support its community as we rebuild.