Nuts for Your New Year Diet

A New Year’s resolution is one of those traditions that people renew despite its effectiveness last year. Every year, the most common resolutions deal with improving overall health and dieting. Napa Nuts is here to help.


 Here are our favorite reasons why your diet should include more nuts and dried fruit in 2019:

  1. Nuts make you feel more full.

    Studies are showing that the healthy fats in nuts make you feel full after just a small handful. This will cut down on all of the snacking that keeps you from hitting your weight loss goals. We recommend raw almonds and raw macadamia nuts. They are crunchy and delicious in their raw state and satisfy hunger cravings quickly.

  2.  Nuts and dried fruit are nutritious.

    We all know that dried fruit has all the nutritional value of regular fruit. Dried fruit is also more portable as you don’t have to worry about bruising. Nuts are also great for getting your body more omega-3 fatty acids and some antioxidants.

  3. They taste great.

    Dried fruit tastes so good many kids won’t realize it’s good for them. Dried fruit is a great treat that often doesn’t include any refined sugar; something else people cut from their New Year’s diets.

  4. Doctors and scientists want you to eat more nuts.

    We have our news feeds set to send us stories related to nuts and dried fruit. We frequently read stories about the health benefits of eating more nuts. Here is a recent story from Consumer Reports that is typical of most of the things we have been reading. If you see more that you want us to check out, add some links to the comments.

Basically, it is hard for us to find reasons NOT to eat more nuts and dried fruit in the new year. Enjoy your 2019!