Dried Strawberries are a treat during all seasons. Napa Nuts offers moist, sweet, and plump Strawberries at wholesale prices. Our Gourmet Berry Mix, Resort Blend Trail Mix and PB&J Trail Mix would not be the same without the distinct gourmet dried Strawberries. We also offer bulk chocolate covered Strawberries, including the unique Balsamic Vinegar flavored dark chocolate covered Strawberries.

Napa Nuts offers dried Strawberries that many people think of as nature's candy.  They are sweet and a bit chewy, just enough to make your mouth forget that you are eating something that is full of fiber, antioxidants, potassium, and manganese.  Strawberries also have more vitamin C than oranges.  This is a favorite of kids, book clubs, and people that want to add something tasty to their ice cream.  Frankly, they are delicious with everything. Red wine and dried Strawberries are a great way to make friends.

This page shows all Dried Strawberries sold by Napa Nuts plus other mix products that contain Strawberries.