Napa Nuts is your go-to source for wholesale Cashew products. Our over-sized Cashew nuts are sweet, buttery and light-colored. For cooking and snacking, we offer a wide variety of premium Cashew products, including raw Cashews (whole and pieces), roasted and salted Cashews, honey roasted Cashews and our snappy and spicy Chili con Lemon Cashews.

Our chocolate covered nuts mix includes a generous portion of Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Cashews. We also add Cashews to our trail mixes. Raw Cashews are great for snacks, baking and perfect for vegan recipes. Napa Nuts has large gourmet Cashews at bulk prices.

Napa Nuts offers Cashews at bulk prices in several flavors including sweet, buttery and salty flavors. Bulk Cashews can be used to make Cashew milk or Cashew butter. Napa Nuts has the largest gourmet Cashews in the market. We are your go-to source for wholesale Cashews.

This page shows all Cashews sold by Napa Nuts plus other mix products that contain Cashew nuts.