2018 Holiday Gift Tins Featuring Napa Nuts and Dried Fruit

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The holiday gifting season is fast approaching.  

Everyone has those “hard to shop for” people on their holiday list.  There are times when you need to buy gifts for people that you don’t really know that well.  We have a solution for you.

A tin full of gourmet nuts, chocolates and dried fruit is a great present that will feel like a luxury, can be easily shared with a group or a family, and can be upcycled to something else.  Picking the right gift tin is not as tricky as it looks. If the contents of the tin are items that you like, other people will like them too.

In addition to the holidays, Napa Nuts offers many gift tins that are great gifts for any occasion—housewarmings, welcoming new co-worker, birthdays, anniversaries, or even to leave for your renter as you AirBnB your wine country property.

We have been working hard to create new gift tin options for 2018.  The marketing team, in conjunction with our onsite trained chef, came up with some new flavor combinations to give lots of options to anyone on your gift list. We are also excited to announce that all of our tins are now available at our online store.  And to top it off, we also allow for shipping tins to multiple addresses all in one order.

Here are some of our new tins for 2018  

The Sweet Delights Tin has a bit of everything for the sweet tooth on your list. The Orange Honey Almonds are coated with a crunchy orange essence and honey coating.  There is a bunch of chocolate fruit which is one of our best-sellers. Each item has real fruit on the inside, and chocolate on the outside that is also infused with fruit flavor.  And lastly our signature Gourmet Berry Mix is a real crowd-pleaser. It is a mix of almost every berry we carry.

Sweet Delights Tin.jpg

The Hot Hot Hot Tin is perfect for the spicy lover.  These are items that also pair well for the beer drinker on your list.  We combine our spicy and crunchy Sriracha Corn Nuts, with our cheesy and spicy Jalapeno Cheddar Almonds and a newer addition to our lineup—the Hot Chile Peanuts.  These are all very popular snacks with just the right amount of kick to not overpower the natural tastiness of the original nut.

Hot Hot Hot Tin.jpg

We don’t need to explain for whom the Chocolate Lovers Tin is designed.  Here we put our chocolate mixed fruit with our chocolate mixed nuts.  You can get a taste of most of our favorites in one place. In addition, this tin includes Cocoa Biscotti which is a favorite around the office.  Imagine those yummy biscotti cookies, but with way more chocolate than cookie.

Chocolate Lovers Tin .jpg

This is just a taste of the 30 different tins that we are offering for this holiday season.  Take a look at all of our options here. Please try to get your orders in a soon as possible, as we just keep getting busier.

Napa Nuts Unaffected by Macadamia Nut Recall

Hi Napa Nuts Fans,

This week Mauna Loa issued a recall on some of their macadamia nuts. Here is the story from Hawaii.gov.

Napa Nuts does not sell macadamia nuts, or any product, processed by Mauna Loa. Napa Nuts’ customers do not need to take any action at this time regarding the Mauna Loa recall.

Napa Nuts’ customers should rest assured that we keep a close eye on product recalls and will absolutely let everyone know if there are any updates that may affect our consumers.

As for now, keep calm and enjoy macadamias from Napa Nuts.

How do I pick the right dried Apricot?

Apricots are a wonderful fruit that are full of nutritional value.  Here is what Men’s Health magazine has to say about the health benefits of fresh apricots.  And from our past posts, we all know that dried fruit have all the same nutritional value as fresh fruit. But, not all dried apricots are created equally.  Here is everything that you will need to know to make sure you pick the right dried apricot for your needs.

What kinds of apricots are there?

Dried apricots come in 2 main varieties, California and Turkish. These are obviously grown in different places, but there are other differences in color, flavor, and preparation.

California Apricots

California Apricots

California apricots, while local, are less common.  The amount of farmland devoted to apricots has declined drastically since the 1920s.  This has made the California apricot a bit harder to find.  This is also one of the reasons that having dried apricots is a an advantage over fresh apricots, as they are available and ready to eat year-round.

California Apricots (pictured above) have a darker orange color compared the more yellow-orange Turkish Apricot. One of the other clear differences, is that the Turkish apricot is dried whole (without the pit) while the California apricot is halved.  You will notice the difference most in uniformity of texture.  The California apricots tend to have more curves, ripples, and shapes than the mostly uniform Turkish apricots.

Turkish Apricots

Turkish Apricots

The flavors of both kinds of apricots is absolutely delicious, so it is hard to pick the wrong dried apricot to cook with or on which to snack.  The Turkish Apricot variety has a slightly sweeter flavor, and the California Apricots tend to be less sweet, but have intense “apricot” tart flavor.

Preparation options for apricots

Apricots are generally dried with preservatives.  The preservative that comes on most apricots is called sulphur dioxide; this is used to preserve color and freshness.  Fortunately, once the bag is left open for a few minutes, most of this compound dissipates.  This is great if you have sensitivity, but also means that the apricots will start to lose their color and freshness more quickly once opened.

There is also an option to get your apricots diced instead of whole.  This is a great option for people that are making baked goods or trail mixes where they want a small bit of apricot in every bite.

Whichever apricot you choose, Napa Nuts has the highest quality whole and diced Turkish and California Apricots. Please visit our store to purchase Apricots.

Diced California Apricots

Diced California Apricots