Napa Nuts sells every kind of bulk Almond, including raw Almonds, sliced Almonds, roasted Almonds, slivered Almonds, flavored Almonds, blanched Almonds, and Marcona Almonds. On the sweeter side, we stock and sell chocolate covered Almonds and chocolate mint Almonds. For snacking, bar mixes, weddings, and light bite needs, check our selection and prices for trail mix and mixed nut blends. We also sell wholesale priced Almond butter, Almond paste and Almond flour with no minimum quantity order.

100 percent of our Almonds are sourced locally from California growers—which guarantees customers get the freshest selections.

Almonds contain protein, healthy fats and antioxidants. Chefs use California-grown Marcona Almonds (Spanish varietal) to make regular almond dishes a bit more elegant. Almonds can be used for baking, cooking, in smoothies and more.

This page shows all Almonds sold by Napa Nuts plus other mix products that contain Almonds.